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"Rylan Properties is presently managing our 6-unit apartment building in Perrysburg, OH.  They are well organized and are very responsive to all of our questions and concerns.  They promptly contact us for all matters requiring our decision or authorization and are proactive in handling or preventing routine problems before they become critical.  Rylan has provided us with good feedback and photographs on all major repairs and routinely look for ways to minimize repair and maintenance costs for the property owner. 

"Their financial accounting for our property is very meticulous and made readily available to owners on the Rylan website.   We have had experience over several years with both excellent and poor management companies for our other investment properties and the high level of service and commitment from Rylan has been evident from the beginning. 
"At this time, we enthusiastically recommend Rylan Properties to any owner who requires professional, quality, property management services."
Armand & Rose Aguirre
San Diego, CA
December 21, 2007
(The Aquirre's have offered to place their email address on this web site so you could contact them.  However, because of spammers perhaps acquiring their email address, we have elected to keep it private.)

bullet "I have already logged onto your website and am very impressed; it is very professional. I am happy to see this kind of access for property owners."
bullet "That is wonderful - I certainly do appreciate all the work you two are doing. I know you are getting paid for the work you both have done but I wanted to let you know that it has been a pleasure working with you so far and that I certainly would (and have) recommended you to other people. Thank you."







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